Yes, I’m going to make climate change the biggest issue this election. I’m going to speak to my friends and family about climate damage and voting for a party with a strong climate policy.

Will you take the pledge?

This Federal Election needs to be about climate damage. It’s up to us to make sure it is.

We need all of us to have at least one conversation with a friend or family member in the next five weeks, leading up to election day - Saturday 18 May. There are 300,000 Australian 1 Million Women members. If we all have two or three conversations each, we’ll have our million. That’s how we change an election result. 

Do you have a friend who cares about climate change but isn't interested in politics, and never thinks about who they should vote for? Maybe you have a grandparent who is really worried about their electricity bills and the cost of keeping their home cool. Please talk to them.

Australians just lived through the hottest summer the country has ever experienced, battling bushfires and heatwaves. The climate crisis is here and we need our government to take action now.

5000 women took our survey last year that asked what women think about climate change. We asked them if they were worried about climate damage and 9 in 10 said they were extremely concerned. If you’re worried about climate damage, talk to your friends and family about your concerns - if there’s any time that we’re going to make change happen, it’s now, at this election.

Will you take the pledge to have a conversation about climate change before 18 May?

Take the pledge, we’ll send you tips and ideas on how to have conversations, including information on where to find out how each party stacks up on climate policy.