A year-long Passionate Supporter membership is a fantastic GIFT for someone who loves our planet or wants a donation on their behalf as a present. 

As a Passionate Supporter, they'll receive fantastic benefits all year long including our exclusive quarterly ebook (see full benefits list below). Plus, your gift is considered a donation meaning it’s tax-deductible. We will automatically stop the subscription after 1 year so you don't have to worry about it. 


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Gift a passionate supporter membership

A 1-year long Passionate Supporter membership is a fantastic gift for someone who loves our planet or wants a donation on their behalf as a gift.
  • It's a zero-waste digital gift 

  • Passionate Supporter benefits include our quarterly ebook packed full of the best bits of 1 Million Women and exclusive content (see full benefits list below)
  • It's more than a donation! We're adding real value to the gift receiver all year round

And on top of it all, it enables 1 Million Women to build a stronger financial base so we can remain independent and continue our critical work empowering women around the globe to fight the climate crisis.

It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Important details:

After 1 year we will automatically stop the subscription. If you wish to extend the gift membership for someone after that time it's not a problem, we would love that just make sure you get in touch with us (enquiries@1millionwomen.com.au) and let us know.  

Since we’re a registered charity your generous gift is considered a donation and is tax-deductible (meaning you can claim it back on your next tax return). 

1 Million Women believes that how we live is critical to the solution to climate change and that women are vital agents of change. With 17% of global emissions coming from our households and in a world filled with overconsumption, we need a lifestyle revolution to tackle climate change and 1 Million Women is leading the way. Please come on this journey with us. 

Passionate Supporter Benefits

Membership Benefit

Our Passionate Supporters exclusive Seasonal E-book

A new edition every 3 months packed full of all the best bits from 1 Million Women from that season plus exclusive content including our meat free recipes, DIY videos and all the tips and solutions for zero carbon living.


Membership Benefit


We'll be running giveaways for all our passionate supporters throughout the year to help you live a zero-waste life! 


Membership Benefit

A discount on our shop 

Being a passionate supporter earns you 20% off every purchase in the 1 Million Women shop including our T-shirts, Keep Cups, Water bottles and more. It's the perfect place to start your zero-waste journey.