Our time is now. To combat the climate crisis we need to transform ourselves radically over the next 10 years.

Take the pledge here and join thousands of women, living our vision of a new world (scroll down to read our vision), acting on the climate crisis to create a healthier, more just planet for everyone.

We'll email you resources to help you build this new climate-positive world, the first thing coming your way is a letter for you to send to your elected representative to get them to build a new world with us!

Will you take the pledge?

Will you take the pledge to build a new world with us?

We can build a regenerative, equal world that supports all people and our Earth but we need to start now. Our strength is in our numbers and our collective power is immeasurable.

We're building a world:

  1. powered by renewable energy, where we are energy efficient, have nation-wide renewables programs, community energy projects and rooftop solar.
  2. where we grow our own food (even if it’s just a few herbs or a tomato plant), shop local to support our community, buy seasonal, learn to waste nothing and shift to a more plant-based diet.
  3. where the Indigenous custodians of the land are listened to and uplifted.
  4. where the love of Earth takes precedence over the buying of stuff, where we only buy what we need and choose to swap, repair, repurpose and rent as much as possible.
  5. where we choose to support the banks and financial institutions that invest in projects that are good for the planet, not fossil fuels.
  6. where we elect politicians who are committed to climate justice and creating jobs in climate-strong industries that lift up and value workers.
  7. where we all have access to zero emissions transport and can choose to walk, cycle, ride or drive.
  8. where we influence those around us, to build this world with us.

Take the pledge and we'll send you resources to help you live this vision.

1 Million Women will be working as hard as we can to create this world to empower the kind of lifestyle change that helps us redefine every level of society to repair climate damage and overcome inequalities. We’ll be helping you grow your own food, lobby politicians and the fossil fuel industry to commit to climate action, beat overconsumption, adopt a planet-strong diet and move our money away from banks funding fossil fuel projects.

We’ve spent the last 10 years empowering women and girls from around the world to live climate action, and we’re going to spend the next 10 years empowering women and girls to build a new world together. We’re asking you to live this vision and fight for it. Our strength is in our numbers and our collective power is immeasurable.

Our time is now. Will you join us in building a new world?

photograph of a climate rally crowd

First up, we're sending a letter to politicians

To kick start our journey building this new world, we’ve written a letter outlining the kind of world we want to live in and urging those in positions of power to invest in our future and not bailout big, polluting industries. We want to get millions of people to show they are fighting for a better world and pledge to send a letter to their local MP, councillor or congresswoman, who need to share in this vision. Imagine if millions of us believed in this vision, lived this vision and sent this letter, it would be so powerful! And we’re not stopping there either, we’re playing the long game and will be rolling out more exciting actions that will help us build a better world over the coming months.

Here’s an excerpt from our letter:

I am writing to you because we are at a tipping point. We can choose to go down one path, where we create a regenerative, just world that uplifts people and the environment - one where our economy is resilient and we create millions of jobs. One that makes economic sense and bolsters job markets. An economy that takes full advantage of the efficiency of renewables and leaves coal behind - a trend we are already seeing around the world as coal becomes economically unviable. Or we can continue down this destructive path we’re currently on. 

We are still in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and the calls to not go back to normal are loud. We are saying enough is enough. No more exploitation of people for economic gain, no more exploitation of the natural world. We can no longer continue to live in a world rooted in greed and economic growth. We need to transform ourselves radically over the next 10 years, and that change starts now.

We know that a rapid transformation of our world is possible - we’ve seen how fast corporations, communities and governments acted throughout this pandemic. And as a politician you have the power to create big change and help uplift the convictions of the communities you support and represent."

Want more inspiration?

Check out our reading list about building a better world.

We’ve always believed that we have to live the change here at 1 Million Women and we have the tools to help us all do just that.

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We’ve created this vision as a team and incorporated ideas and visions from Christiana Figueres, the Leap, Beyond Zero Emissions, The Climate Council, the Climate Justice Alliance.